What’s going on: Online Events for July & August


Want to make sure your business doesn’t miss out on events round the world in the next month? Why wouldn’t you, by using these online events you or your business can go global …

world jump day

Monday 20th July- World Jump Day

So everyone get on your feet and well -jump! A great excuse to be active in the office – just maybe tell your manager beforehand …

Monday 27th July- Take your house plant out for a walk day

Just maybe not the heavy one…

Thursday 30th July- Cheesecake Day.

Everyone loves a bit of cheesecake so why not have some on this day?


Saturday 1st August- Mustard Day

A perfect excuse to have steak on a Saturday we think, don’t you?

Thursday 6th August- Wiggle your toes day!

You are constantly moving your hands and fingers and never your toes,

wiggle your toes around on the 6th!

A great way to keep blood flowing if you work at a desk all day…


Monday 10th August- Lazy Day.

It would be on a Monday wouldn’t it… Take that extra hour in bed.

Take a nap when you get in, or even while you are out and about.

Saturday 15th August- Corn on the cob day

Who doesn’t love some corn on the cob? Perfect for the BBQ season, finger’s crossed the sun will be out!


Keep your eyes peeled for another update for businesses to get involved with what’s trending online.

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