Stand out with bespoke envelopes

Blake_Bespoke_Envelope_ServiceWe’ve all been there, a mountain of envelopes and parcels on your desk. The main problem is they all look the same and you have the same lack of motivation to open them.

With our new, bespoke envelope service, working with our friends at Blake, we are able to supply almost any type and style of envelope that you would ever possibly need.

Blake bespoke envelope service is just that, totally bespoke. Blake can create any size and shape of envelope from almost any kind of material, printed, foiled, embossed, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Whilst making sure your mail stands out amongst the sea of white and manilla, Blake specialise in ensuring the mail inside your bespoke envelope doesn’t go unnoticed.

Current trends show a preference to the receipt of written correspondence, with a resurgence in the written word. Bespoke envelopes are bound to generate intrigue and curiosity without even having to open the envelope itself.

Hand-made, bespoke envelopes can raise awareness of your brand and carry a message for your business, making your envelopes and the way you post your mail stand out from the crowd.

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