Do you sit down for more than 8 hours a day at work? If so then you could be causing damage to your health and this isn’t something you can put right by going to the gym and exercising. The majority of us get neck or back pain but if you’re constantly in agonising pain then you need to do something about it. Having ergonomic products at work will help improve the hand full of aches and pains you complain about every day.

It is said that office workers sit down for nearly 9 hours each day at work and still persist to eat their lunch at their desk. You need to have a break whilst you’re at work. Even if you get up to have a stretch or walk around your office, you shouldn’t sit down for hours straight without a break no matter how busy your schedule is. Don’t cause lasting damage to your body just to meet your deadline. Think of your health first.


It is recommended if you’re 18 then you are entitled to a longer break in a shorter time period, you can have a 30 minute break for every four and a half hours that you work. If you’re over the age of 18 then you are only entitled to a 20 minutes break over a 6 hour period. Not having enough breaks within your working day could contract many health issues.

Prolonged sitting can dangerously decrease your muscle activity which results in pain or even spasms in worst cases. It can also cause discomfort in lower limbs, cause muscle fatigue and can increase in muscle loading in both neck and shoulders, causing unbearable pain.

Wiggle it, waggle it. Just don’t sit on it –

  1. British people sit down on average for 9 hours each day at work
  2. If you sit down for 90 minutes, your metabolism then starts to fall dramatically
  3. You can acquire many health issues such as; heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and many more that can affect your health in numerous ways
  4. You are entitled to have a 20 minute break every 6 hours. Unless you are 18 you can have a 30 minute break every 4 and a half hours
  5. When standing you burn 50 more calories than if you was sitting down
  6. Sitting down for more than 4 hours will 100% more than likely affect your heart giving you heart disease

Ergonomic office chairs are much better than the bog standard chairs you see for sale on ecommerce sites such as eBay or Amazon. These type of office chairs are designed to keep your back in an upright posture to ensure no damage is done to your back after sitting down in an office for hours on end.

  1. Back rake adjustment –The back rake adjustment feature on these type of office chairs can enable closer contact and support to the user when working in a keyboard environment or general desk work.
  2. Back height adjustment –This allows the user to adjust the height to provide the correct back support.
  3. Seat depth adjustment –By using this feature it will let the user adjust the depth of the seat to ensure their legs are fully supported.
  4. Seat height adjustment –These chairs either have a gas lift or a manual lift in them to enable the user to raise or lower the chair ensuring the user can place their feet on the ground flat.
  5. Synchronic adjustment- This feature can help the posture of the users back enabling them to tilt the back of the chair at a 2:1 ratio and being able to lock it in any position they feel comfortable in.
  6. Asynchrony adjustment –The seat and back can be adjusted manually and be locked in any position. It can also be tilted quite far forward which is ideal for PC work, saving you to bend forward.
  7. Knee tilt adjustment –These chairs can be tilted from pivot points at the front of the chair relieving pressure on the users knees.
  8. Lock tilt adjustment –The lock feature on asynchrony chairs can be locked in various positions throughout tilt range.

Improve your working positions with an ergonomic product.


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